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Calloway Huffaker
Calloway Huffaker, circa 1938

W. Calloway Huffaker is the third generation of the Huffaker family to carry on the legal tradition established by his grandfather in 1938. The law office has a long-standing reputation of integrity and excellence built over years, originally by the senior Calloway Huffaker and now continued by W. Calloway Huffaker, J. Hunter Harris, and the legal staff.

With more than 60 years of combined professional experience, the W. Calloway Huffaker team provides thorough and comprehensive legal representation, with a focus on the individual needs of each client.




From Our Clients

The City of Spur

The City of Spur has been very pleased with the quality, attentiveness, and personal responsiveness of all those associated with the office of W. Calloway Huffaker. We have always received timely answers to various legal questions and guidance for conducting municipal business. Mr. Huffaker listens, absorbs detail and opinions from all persons involved and then makes recommendations for our council and city employees to follow. He has also assisted with updating our existing antiquated ordinances and brought the city in compliance with state laws. We are appreciative of the friendly and personable association with the law firm of W. Calloway Huffaker.

The City of Tahoka 

Approximately two decades ago the City of Tahoka placed confidence in the expertise of W. Calloway Huffaker by appointing him our city attorney. This choice has afforded us a knowledgeable and personable partnership with Mr. Huffaker. He is accessible to our staff and council members and maintains an overwhelmingly courteous and kind approach when called upon. Mr. Huffaker has excelled in the legal needs of our municipality. The City of Tahoka is well pleased and confident in our partnership with Mr. Huffaker.



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